Caremitou in Ecosystème on Bsmart TV

Caremitou in Ecosystème on Bsmart TV

On Saturday May 22, Thomas Hugues received Philippe Daurenjou (Founder and manager of Novandsat) and Yoann Latouche (Founder and manager of AGENCE YLG) in the program ECOSYSTEM on BSMART TV  , media devoted to economics and finance   .

During the interview, Yoann Latouche explains how the YLG Agency supports NOVANDSAT and more specifically the actions that the Agency is carrying out in the communication strategy of the Caremitou brand with the imminent release of the company’s first flagship product.

Philippe Daurenjou  meanwhile explained how Caremitou takes care of the owners and the health of their catsand why the company NOVANDSAT has decided to address the general public directly with Caremitou but also the fact of moving towards a crowdfunding campaign to allow a greater number of owners to have the means to take care of their animals of company.

Check out the full Bsmart interview below :

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