The founders and the Caremitou® team

30 years of experiences

With 30 years of proven experiences in animal health, our team thinks, develops and markets simple, reliable products that meet the needs of animal welfare.

We are all passionate and owners of pets.

The founders.


I am the founder and manager of Caremitou.

I thought of the Caremitou solution and I shared it in 2017 with pet owners, teachers, practitioners, manufacturers. All of them wholeheartedly adhered to this product idea and motivated me to bring it to life.

To go from an idea to a project and then from a project to a marketable product, you have to surround yourself with a passionate team, which real skills and which adheres to the values ​​of Innovation and Collaboration.

Jean-François AUDRIN

He’s the team’s Vet!

Involved in the continuous improvement of veterinary medicine practices. Very invested in preventive animal medicine, Jean-François has set up various structures for the care of companion animals. He is involved both in our collective intelligence workshops and in the clinical validation of products.

Some of The team members.

Équipe Caremitou

Without forgetting our Beta tester:


Always in our paws…

Our values.


To create added value in a product and its use for a specific application in animal health.


To promote collective intelligence from the idea to the marketing of a product.

Customer satisfaction

Because first and foremost we are pet owners.

Workshops bringing together veterinarians, assistants, owners and their cats.

We organized these workshops to better understand the expectations of the actors involved in the animal care process.

Today the owner wants to understand, participate and be informed about the state of health of his animal.

The veterinarian wants recurring and qualified information on the relationship with the animal and its owner beyond an annual consultation.

atelier vetocia
Application Workshop
atelier 2020
Clinical Validations
PAD workshop
BOX Workshop

Meetings with professionals and the general public ..

AFVAC 2019
AFVAC Veterinary Congress 2018 - 2019
CES 2020

The Caremitou® Partners.