Professional: as a practitioner, optimize your diagnosis.

You must have a maximum of reliable and recurring data related to the state of health of the animal to optimize your diagnosis.

An annual visit is often insufficient to ask the owners questions about the behavior of the animal and to try to detect any anomalies.

Reliable and recurring data.

Caremitou® is the result of scientific and technical monitoring which demonstrates the importance of having reliable and recurring data.

  • Years of experience in veterinary in-vitro diagnostics, discussions with veterinary schools to understand the importance of preparing a sample before analysis. Our analyzes carried out through Theses, white papers, conferences, provide us with information on the evolution of the veterinary profession, which is oriented towards bio-advice at the bedside.
  • New devices and digital media that allow data to be analyzed as close as possible to the patient.

Meet veterinarians, assistants and owners.

As part of the continuous improvement of the monitoring of the state of health of the animal, we organize various workshops on topics such as preventive medicine, new technologies, the owner / veterinarian relationship… 

We actively participate in congresses and exhibitions to meet veterinary medicine professionals and individuals.

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Caremitou®, a veterinary medicine in 6 P.

Caremitou®, a remote monitoring tool.

Caremitou is a remote monitoring tool that is integrated into telemedicine. The owner tracks and follows the state of health of his animals at home, he decides with the veterinarian to share his information. The veterinarian then has a reliable and recurring observance of the unstressed animal.  

Examples of remote monitoring applications :

  • Primary prevention: he connected device is placed near the animal when it is young and in good health. Behavior and individual health parameters are continuously recorded. The device will notify the owner of any change or “anomaly”.
  • Secondary prevention: the animal presented a pathology, it was treated. The connected device makes it possible to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment in the short and medium term and then makes it possible to monitor the animal by picking up the slightest signal announcing a recurrence.
  • Diagnostic aid: the connected device is installed over a short period of time at home in order to have more information to refine a diagnosis.
  • Post-operative follow-up: activity tracker sensors can allow monitoring of animals when they return home after surgery or treatment.
  • You set the physiological and biological alert thresholds specific to the animal during the annual consultation at the clinic. You will have access to these threshold overruns and you will have a real patient history before the clinical consultation. 

The Caremitou application is the real link between you and the owner, it will send you information on the state of health of his animal, you can then: 

  • Ask the owner to perform an urine analysis of the fasting animal at home and communicate the results to you.
  • Depending on your interpretation, you can also ask the owner to come in consultation with the animal and the urine sample taken*.
* Because Caremitou is a patented veterinary medical product that collects the usable urine stream of the fasting animal comparable to a urine sample taken in cystocyntesis (Thesis at the grade of DV 2017 ENVT).

The Caremitou® web application dedicated to veterinarians.

Dedicated to veterinarians, the Caremitou® web application is the link between the veterinarian and the animal.

Developed with veterinarians, approved by experts.