The company

Caremitou® is developed by the company NovandSat SAS

30 years of experiences

With 30 years of proven experiences in animal health, our team thinks, develops and markets simple, reliable products that meet the needs of animal welfare.

We are all passionate and pet owners.
All members of the Steering Committee


I am the Founder and the President of Novandsat SAS.
I thought about the Caremitou solution and shared it in 2017 with some pet owners, teachers, practitioners and industrialists.
All of them adhered unreservedly to this product idea and motivated me to give it life.
To move from the idea to a project and from a project to a marketable product, it was necessary to surround myself with a team of real passionate competences which adheres to the values of Innovation and Collaboration.

Jean-François AUDRIN

He is the Veterinarian of the team!
Involved in the continuous improvement of the practices of veterinary medicine. Highly invested in animal preventive medicine, Jean-François has set up various structures for pet care. It takes part both in our workshops of collective intelligence and in the clinical validation of the products.

Jean-Baptiste GOUTTES

He is our technical Manager.
As comfortable in Biology as in Computer Science, he interfaces the relationships of our skills networks.
Specialist in databases, he is closely involved in our scientific and technical collaboration with National Vet school of Toulouse and INRA INTHERES of Toulouse.

Christelle DAURENJOU

No secret in the management of our company!
Executive Assistant from the beginning of the adventure, she sets up the financial means to meet our ambitions.


The « Multitask » of the project premises!
CAD and 3D printer have been solicited for our first POCs.
Design and marketing workshops to always think "use"!

Pierre Emmanuel THURET

The « Biz Dev »!
He has many years of entrepreneurial experience.
You will find either on an exhibition stand or between two planes to always be closer to consumers.

Our values


Create added value in a product and its use for a specific application in animal health.


Promote collective intelligence from the idea to the marketing of a product.

Customer Satisfaction

Because we are first and foremost
owners of pets.

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