As a practitioner, guarantee your diagnosis.

An annual visit is often insufficient.

You must have a maximum of data related to the state of health of the animal to best guarantee your diagnosis.

An annual visit is often insufficient to ask owners questions about the behavior of the animal and to try to detect any anomaly.

Caremitou® is the result of scientific and technical watches that demonstrate the importance of having reliable and recurrent data.

  • Years of experience in veterinary in-vitro diagnostics, exchanges with veterinary schools to understand the importance of preparing a sample before analysis. "Thesis and white paper" that provide information on new practices in veterinary medicine, the evolution of the veterinary profession, and bio-counseling at the bedside of the patient.
  • New devices and digital media that can analyze data closer to the patient.

Workshops bringing together veterinarians, assistants, owners

To better understand the expectations the animal care course’s actors: the owner wants to be involved in monitoring the condition of his animal, the veterinarian wants recurrent and quality information, the relationship with the animal and its owner beyond an annual consultation.

You want to have an important flow in your clinic, and Caremitou will help you to build this relationship for additional advices, reports, purchases...
For 30 years, the founders of Novandsat SAS have been working in veterinary biology and more specifically in the analysis of biological fluids: Urinary, Blood, CSF...

A urine sample quality close to a cystocentesis.

The first product in the Caremitou’s range is able to sort the first urine of the morning, to keep it in a support in medical grade, to perform at home some analyzes and to give this sample for further analysis at the clinic.

A collaboration with the ENVT and the INRA has earned us this year a publication with ACVIM concerning the results of the correlations carried out.

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Caremitou®, a remote monitoring tool.

You are the prescriber and Caremitou will only be offered in veterinary clinics. It’s a screening and monitoring tool that we have developed for veterinarians who will make it available to pet owners.

  • You set the thresholds of physiological and biological alerts specific to the animal during the annual consultation at the clinic, and any excess will be notified according to your notification criteria.
  • Once a month, you validate a remote report on the monitoring of the animal health status trough the data received.

An alert may require you to request additional information from the pet owner such as performing a urinary home test.
The result of the analysis will be sent to you in the form of a report and you will then decide whether to continue treatment, to request a visit to the clinic, to come with or without a sample.

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